The "Barbaric" Double Bit

The Barbaric Double Bit

Listen To The Axe Description

I love this axe. To be honest with you friends I had a hard time getting rid of this axe. I did, I go through that sometimes cause I really enjoy them. This thing we use the term Barbarbic for this. It’s pitted, it’s primitive looking, it’s got a full on 36” handle. It’s got a little palm swell on there you can’t see it well in the picture but it’s there on the handle. This is a beauty, we come across these from time to time. I think that it would probably lay in the dirt for 40 years to look like that, so who knows what it’s life has been. These are some of my favorite axes of all the barbaric. This is a probably 3 and a half pound barbaric double bit axe, splitting axe. It’s got a good profile on the bit good for splitting.