The Recipient Program

Most of you have heard me talk about the recipient program that I started some 20 years ago. I still remember the day and the first recipient, it was an elderly woman at the end of her driveway with bags of yard debris. I knew that we had enough room in the truck to haul it away so we pulled over and started loading it up for her. As she pulled out her wallet to pay, I told the lady, “Not today-this one is on Buckin’ Billy Ray’s Tree Service.” After driving away with the man that was working alongside me and sitting passenger, I remember turning away from him and looking out my window so that he wouldn’t see the emotion in my face and the tears rising in my eyes from a heart full of gratitude. Friends, I am a believer in natural and universal laws, this was so powerful and life changing for me. I never will forget that emotional feeling. It was at that moment that I incorporated this into every aspect of my life and now call it the “Recipient Program”